Okwu Mobiles all set to debut Indian market with their IoT based smartphones

Ka anyi kwuo okwu means Let’s talk, from here the company took their brand name OKWU mobiles. The company is yet to launch their smartphones in the Indian market and they have some amazing features in their phone that are yet to be discovered by other smartphone companies.

Image source: Indian Express

Anshuman Atul, CEO & Managing Director, Okwu Mobiles

Okwu mobile’s USP is their IoT integrated hardware that comes as an accessory with their phone. “There is a need of break through in the smartphone industry and we are trying to get that by integrating inbuilt IoT system” said CEO and Managing Director Anshuman Atul in an inteview with GizmosGang, the answer to this is U-Arena; an app that is only for Okwu users which enables the IoT applications, adding to it he introduced four major pillars that the company will be developing throughout:

  • U Tag
  • U Plug
  • U Cars
  • U Chip

Okwu Mobiles || U Tag

OKWU mobiles

Picture is for indicative purpose only and has no significance to the real product. Okwu will be coming up with a similar product that will be helpful for us to track items. Image source: http://www.businessinsider.com/12-gadgets-were-lusting-over-right-now-2013-2

Okwu is trying to give their users an ultimate experience by providing them IoT based services. They are creating a whole new accessory segment for smartphone users.

U tag is a small module which can be placed anywhere and can send the current location back to Okwu device. For Example: you put a U tag chip in your wallet and if you lose your wallet or forgot where did you last keep the wallet, now if you own an Okwu device you don’t need to worry about the same, because in every 30 minutes the module in the wallet will send status signal of its location to your device and you can track the same very easily.

You can tag upto 30 items at a time which is quite a significant number. It works on bluetooth technology and comes with a restriction of range.

Availability: Shipped along with the smartphone starting November 2016.

Can i find something which I misplaced out of my range

The answer to this question is yes, but once the user base is grown high. You can also mark an item as misplaced (that was already U tagged), and if any Okwu community user’s mobile find it out it will inform you about the location of the item, so for example if any users comes in the vicinity of the device, the device will alert you about it and help you locate the misplaced item. But this service will be efficiently used when there are enough Okwu users. So basically this is a visionary project for Okwu mobiles.

Okwu Mobiles || U-Plug

Okwu Mobiles

Picture is for indicative purpose only and has no significance to the real product. Okwu will be coming up with a similar product that will be used as per our convenience to trigger appliances . Image source: http://iotathome.org/2016/03/smappee-home-energy-monitor/

With U-plug you can control any device/appliance at your residence/office etc. All you need to do is to insert the plug into and then control the U-plug through your U-Arena app. Say for example: you are about to reach home and you want the Air conditioning to start 15 minutes before you enter the house, so U-plug shall do that for you.

But for the same, your mobile phone and your home/office should have an active internet connection.

Okwu Mobiles || U-Cars


It is a special card for your vehicle, if u insert/keep that card in your car, it will collect important data related to your car and keep you updated about the factors like: Air pressure, engine oil, fuel, service due etc.
So the next time if you have a deflated tyre your Okwu mobile will inform you and guide you about the nearest petrol pump or repair center where you can get your vehicle fixed, also if you are running low on fuel and you have enabled push notifications on your Okwu mobile, it will give you an alert – about the fuel stations available near by.

OKWU mobiles

Picture is for indicative purpose only and has no significance to the real product. Okwu will be coming up with a similar product that will be used as per our convenience to track performance . Image source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.prowl.torque

Okwu Mobiles

As per our interview with the CEO, Okwu Mobiles – the company will be coming up with a sleek portfolio where they will have an entry level and a mid segment level phone. We will update you about the exact specifications of the device as we get the same.

Established in 2016, Okwu is an upcoming Mobile Company that believes in engaging their client through a “smart way” of living. The innovative company offers mobile sets and accessories that are internationally competent in terms of quality and price.

The premium Mobile brand was started with a seed capital of 1 million dollars, aiming to substantially upgrade the lifestyle of the Indian audience through their range of technologically-advanced smartphones. Okwu is a brainchild of Mr Anshuman Atul and Mr Arjun Gupta, who believed in producing and manufacturing Indian products which are at par with their overseas counterparts.

Okwu was conceptualized with a sole motive: to help Indian audiences “upgrade from a smart phone to a smarter phone”. The company is striving to push the limits of software technology that goes beyond the capacities of existing brands. One of the key differentiating factors that set them apart from other phone brands is their pioneer tool “U-Arena”, Okwu’s solo invention which cannot be found on other hosting platforms.

U-Arena promotes an automotive lifestyle. The intelligent tool has pre-installed built-in apps that help users to integrate all their devices and appliances with the smartphone. Users can track, locate and control various objects/parameters, all through a single platform. Okwu is a stand-alone company that lays emphasis on providing their customers with an “automated living” through “augmented assistance”. They work to make a difference in the lives of 21st century habitants.

Headquartered in Noida, the company has invested in a manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China and will have a functionally assembly plant in India by the end of the first operating year.

Okwu is constantly innovating, keeping in mind the current needs of the modern buyer. Customers can procure their “smarter phones” directly through the company websites. They plan to open 500 dedicated outlets by the fiscal 2017, working to serve both the online and offline markets. The Mobile company targets to sell 2 lakh smartphones by 2017, and efficiently build a loyal client base.

Backed by a strong business model and innovative Indian technology products, Okwu is gearing up to position itself amongst the top 10 most valued brand in India in the coming few years.

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