Smart shoes concept come back stronger.

The smart or intelligent shoes have been in buzz since quite long . These Smart shoes were having some pressure sensors built in to the shoes to detect things like Ground Contact and Foot Speed to give you some stats about your workout . For e.g when nike launched it’s shoes It matched the many’s lightning fast speed very accurately .

smart shoes

Now Getting forward to 2k15 the future is note here yet .the most interesting thing is that these smart shoes have been in development since a long time from around 2004 to 2015 and still not able to get that ” in demand type of a buzz “.

Big Shot brands like Nike , Adidas , Lechal launched their products in the market with their smart phone apps but were unable to create a huge demand in the markets so they stopped releasing these products for some time and starting innvating further in the Nike Oregon head Quarters where they are innovating the technology for the same.


In contrast to the other pod like old technology the brands are working on the new technology with fold-able and flexible circuit boards so that they can be fitted within the shoes or soul so that the accumulated technology can give the best performance with the most accurate results. According to the stats the footwear market is set to cross the $87bilion mark by just 2020.These technologies will not only be seen in running shoes but are ready to storm the football studs market too.

Innovations in Smart shoes:


Every day they are innovating the shoes to the extent that is possible with availability of technology and then setting a new limit with every new innovation . Also for the existing shoes market a company named GPS smart sole is making so innovative soles with GPS tracking and pressure sensing sensors.These innovations will take fitness to a new level  and make a new dimension for the fitness freaks.till the time you the time they create another buzz in the market follow the Gizmos Gang and also join our gang by liking and following us through our newsletter.

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